Release notes

Product release: April 2024

Get faster insights with the Push dashboard, integrate with Okta to enrich your data, and try the new 'acknowledge' mode for app banners

Here's what's new on the Push platform this month:

  • Faster insights with the Push dashboard

  • Integrate with Okta

  • App banner acknowledge mode

Faster insights with the Push dashboard

Get an overview of the actionable insights from across your ecosystem of accounts, apps, and identities using the Push dashboard, now available in the Push admin console. Pinpoint vulnerable identities at risk of account takeover, see SSO trends across all accounts, and get a snapshot of your identity inventory.

Dashboard - View SaaS apps - docs

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Integrate with Okta to enrich your Push data

You can now integrate with Okta to sync employee records and pull in a list of your SSO apps to the Push platform, providing a valuable source of truth for data on your workforce accounts and approved apps. By integrating with Okta, you will also be able to capture additional login methods used by employees, such as Okta SWA.

Integration between Push and Okta - Add employees - docs

How to integrate

New ‘Acknowledge’ mode for app banners

You can now configure app banners to show a larger central message and also require that an end-user acknowledge the message before proceeding to use an app, providing stronger in-browser guidance. You may wish to use this mode for GenAI apps or to strongly steer employees away from unapproved file-sharing apps, for example.

App banner - Acknowledge mode - KB 10106
App banner in Acknowledge mode

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