We’re helping teams make a step-change in security

At Push, we’re simplifying cyber security to make defending organisations quicker and easier. We free security teams up to get more done, with less.

Why we started Push

Throughout our years as security consultants, we got to see many teams succeed at security, and many, well - not succeed. This got us thinking about why, at a time when more people are investing in cyber security than ever before, the number of companies that succeed at security aren’t climbing as fast as they should be.

We noticed that organisations are spending more and more resources on deploying the latest security technologies but without getting the fundamental security principles right first...

"If more companies focused on just getting the fundamentals right they’d be in a stronger position and for less time and effort."

Why aren’t people getting the fundamentals right?

You need to have the knowledge of what activities to do/prioritise and unfortunately, there is a serious cyber security skills shortage, and security consultancy is expensive.

Time to execute is challenging. A task such as deploying security patches involves collaboration with numerous teams which is time consuming and repetitive.

It’s often against stakeholder’s interests. For the technical team this kind of work isn’t fun (no one enjoys policing their colleagues). For business leaders it can be hard to see the value if progress isn’t clear.

So at Push we set ourselves a challenge. To help organisations access clear security guidance, and then act on that guidance by automating as much of the process as possible.

"We're driven by the reward of progressing the industry and proving that security can be less complex and time consuming."

Our founders

Our founders all have a strong background in security. Previously senior directors at leading security firms, they have helped hundreds of organisations succeed at security, from SME to Enterprise.

Adam Bateman
Co-founder & CEO
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The last thing the industry needs is another NextGen magic cyber solution to add to the pile. Let's take all the tried and tested security tactics that we know really make a difference and help people actually get them done.
Tyrone Erasmus
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We believe in a future where we use automation to achieve good internal security that causes less stress for all involved.
Jacques Louw
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We secured some of the world's top-tier companies and are committed to bringing that experience and insight to benefit a broader range of teams.