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Release notes

Product release: February 2024

Add guardrails to apps with app banners, monitor all domains for work apps, build detections with Login event webhook, and detect password usage for SSO apps

Here's what's new on the Push platform this month:

  • Add guardrails to apps with app banners

  • Monitor all domains for work app logins

  • Better monitoring with Login event webhook

  • Detect password usage on recently onboarded SSO apps

Add guardrails to apps with app banners

Add a custom message that will appear when employees log in or sign up for an app using Push’s new app banner feature (so far, ChatGPT is a popular use case!). These customizable messages let you set guardrails for employees’ use of apps, reducing the risk of security issues and SaaS sprawl. You can check out some examples on our blog.

ChatGPT app banner

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Monitor all domains for work app logins

You can now expand your monitoring of work app logins to include any domain an employee might be using, including non-company or personal accounts. You can enable the Monitor all domains feature on the Settings page of the Push admin console.

Monitor all domains toggle - Getting Started docs

How it works

Better monitoring with Login webhook event

You can now receive a webhook event any time employees perform a login to a work app. This event also captures the user’s IP address, browser, OS, and browser user-agent string.

Use this data to alert you anytime someone uses a password to access a SAML-integrated app, check if users are accessing apps with non-work devices, identify unexpected identity providers or login methods for a particular app — or any other detections you can dream up!

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Detect password usage to recently onboarded SSO apps

If you’ve recently onboarded an app to SSO, you probably want to know if users are still accessing it with orphan password-based accounts. You can now use the Forget login methods feature in the Push admin console to remove older observed login methods for an app or account. If Push observes new login types, you’ll be able to quickly identify them (or set up a webhook, described above, to alert you directly).

You can also use the Forget login methods feature to clean up your data or remove old login methods that you know are no longer in use.

Forget login methods gif - KB 10107

How it works

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