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Release notes

Product release: January 2024

Push REST API and webhooks available in beta, view activity for all apps in your environment, easier cleanup of old or shared accounts, and SAML login detection

Here's what's new on the Push platform this month:

  • Push REST API and webhooks available in beta

  • View activity for all apps in your environment

  • Easier cleanup of old or shared accounts

  • SAML login detection

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Explore Push’s new REST API and webhooks

Now you can send Push data to a SIEM, or create real-time updates for events that occur on the platform, such as triggering a support ticket (or whatever else you’d like to do with Push data!), using our new REST API and webhooks, available in public beta.

You can configure the API and set up webhooks on the Settings page of the Push admin console.

API settings demo gif - release notes - January 2024

Developer documentation

See activity for all apps in your environment

See other apps that Push has discovered in your environment that it doesn’t recognize as commonly used work apps. You’ll find these “other apps” accessible from the Apps page in the admin console. Over time, we’ll be working to make it easy to request support for these apps, so you can monitor those you care about.

Other apps demo - release notes - January 2024

See how it works

Easier cleanup of old or shared accounts

If you need to do any cleanup of your inventory (or to help with employee offboarding), you can now select accounts in Push you wish to forget. Forgetting an account will remove that data from Push, but not impact the employee record itself.

Forget accounts bulk action - docs - View SaaS activity

You can also now resolve findings for shared accounts that have been remediated. If Push sees the account get shared again, a new finding will appear.

Resolve shared account - docs - View SaaS activity

See login methods, including SAML

The Push browser extension can now detect when logins occur via SAML, in addition to OIDC and password logins, giving you more context as you monitor how employees access work apps. You’ll see SAML appear in the Push admin console wherever Login methods are shown, such as the Accounts page and the account details slideout.

SAML login detection - release notes - January 2024

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