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What can I use the app banner for? Templates and examples

You can add a custom message that will appear when employees log in to or sign up for specific apps using Push’s app banner feature.

App banners provide guardrails for communicating with employees so that they can follow your security policies and SaaS management preferences, reducing the risk of security issues and SaaS sprawl.

You can use an app banner to:

  • Encourage employees to use a preferred app over an alternative.

  • Remind employees not to enter sensitive information or company data into ChatGPT or other AI tools.

  • Ask employees not to use an app until it can be reviewed by the security team.

  • Require that employees submit a reason to use a sensitive app before using it.

  • Or anything else you want!

How does it work?

You can configure an app banner in the Push admin console by going to the Apps page and selecting an app. On the app slideout panel, click Configure next to App banner.

App banner configuration - KB 10106

Then select the Mode. You can create an app banner in the following modes:

  • Inform: End-users will see a banner message at the top of the page.

  • Acknowledge: End-users will see a large banner covering the center of the page that requires them to acknowledge the message in order to continue.

  • Reason: End-users will see a large banner covering the center of the page that requires them to submit a reason for using the app before continuing to use it.

The banner message text is customizable. Banners appear on an app's login or signup pages, and end-users must have the Push browser extension installed in order to see the message.

App banner published example - KB 10106
App banner in Inform mode
App banner - Acknowledge mode - KB 10106
App banner in Acknowledge mode
App banner - Reason mode - KB 10106
App banner in Reason mode

App banners are purely informational. They do not block employees from using an app.

App banners are configured on a per-app basis, so you can have a custom message for each. The text field supports link and email syntax using markdown, but no other formatting.

Example markdown:

  • [Push Security](
  • [Steph](
App banner - config slideout - KB 10106

As an administrator, you can preview the banner in your browser before you save it. Select Preview banner in browser from the banner configuration slideout panel. You’ll see a preview of the banner right in the Push admin console.

Managing banners

You can identify which apps have app banners by filtering the Apps page. Go to the filters icon in the top right corner, then select App banner > Apps with banner.

Webhooks for app banners are also available, with an event for when a banner is displayed or acknowledged. Refer to our developer documentation for details.

Templates and examples

Here are a few examples of how you can use app banners.

This app is not approved for use at CtrlAltSecure App A is not approved for company use. If you need a file storage tool, use App B instead. Contact to request access.

Do not enter company data into this app It’s fine to use this AI tool for simple brainstorming tasks, but do not enter any company data, such as customer lists, intellectual property, or project information. Please acknowledge your compliance with this policy.

This app is under review — ask before you use it The Acme security team is reviewing this app to decide if it’s suitable for company use. If you need to use it in the meantime, please provide a reason first.