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Defense in Depth Podcast: Securing Identities in the Cloud
Our co-founder and CEO, Adam Bateman, appeared on the Defense in Depth podcast to discuss securing identities in the cloud.
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Risky Biz: Push Security
Push CEO Adam Bateman joined Patrick Gray on the Risky Biz podcast to talk about how Push combats cloud identity attacks.
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Push Security on The Hacker News
Featured article from Push showing how attackers can own a business by targeting cloud identities, without touching the endpoint.
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Microsoft Bluehat Podcast - SaaS Exposed: Unmasking Cyber Risks in Cloud Integrations
Luke Jennings, VP of Research & Development at Push explains his recent presentation on a new SaaS cyber kill chain, exploring how attackers might target modern organizations heavily reliant on cloud and SaaS services.
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Cyber on the Edge Podcast with Adam Bateman
Push CEO and co-founder Adam Bateman talks about identity-based attacks and why we need to think about new detection surfaces like the browser.
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Resilient Cyber w/ Adam Bateman - Securing the Modern Identity Perimeter
Adam Bateman, Co-Founder and CEO of Push Security discusses the modern identity-based security perimeter, relevant threats and how to mitigate them.
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Geoff Belknap, CISO at LinkedIn, shares his take on Push
Geoff writes about how Push does for Identity what CrowdStrike did for the Endpoint.
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The Cybersecurity Defenders Podcast w/ Luke Jennings
Luke Jennings, VP Research & Development at Push Security, explores the impact of the SaaS revolution on the cyber kill chain.
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A Career In Offensive Security - Adam Bateman
Adam Bateman, Co-founder and CEO of Push Security, discusses his background in offensive security and how attacker tradecraft is evolving.
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Cyber Ranch Podcast: The SaaS Attacks Matrix
Push VP Research, Luke Jennings joined Allan Alford to discuss his open source project, the "SaaS Attacks Matrix"
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Cyber Ranch Podcast: Identity as the Perimeter
Push CEO and co-founder Adam Bateman joined Allan Alford to discuss identity security and attacks
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Smashing Security: Getting control over shadow identities
Push CEO and co-founder Adam Bateman joined Smashing Security to talk about shadow identities
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Cyberwire Daily: Attackers are targeting cloud identities. What does it mean for defenders?
Push co-founder and CEO Adam Bateman talks about the identity perimeter and how organizations need to protect this corporate attack surface
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DCP Podcast: SaaS attacks
Push's VP of R&D Luke Jennings discusses a whole new landscape of threats in the SaaS world
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Risky Business Podcast
Push CEO and co-founder Adam Bateman talks about Push's original SaaS attacks research with Pat Gray
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CyberWire Daily Sept 2023
Adam Bateman, Push CEO and co-founder, talks shadow identities and the risks they introduce, on CyberWire Daily
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SaaS Attacks: Compromising an organization without touching the network
Push's VP R&D Luke Jennings joined the Shared Security podcast to discuss how to attack an organization without touching the network
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CISO Series: How security leaders deal with intense stress
Push CEO and co-founder Adam Bateman talks to David Spark on CISO Series at BlackHat US 2023
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Securing SaaS apps with Push
Push CEO and co-founder Adam Bateman joins Joseph Cooper to talk SaaS security
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Push Security Raises $15 Million in Series A Funding
Push Security, a startup that secures employees’ use of online software and services, this week announced it has raised $15 million in Series A funding, which brings the total invested in the company to $19 million.
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Cloud app monitoring firm Push Security raises $15M
TechCrunch reports that a Series A funding round has generated $15 million in funding for Push Security, a startup that is developing a tool that allows monitoring of employees web-based apps for signs of risky activities.
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Push Security raises $15M to help SaaS users lower their online vulnerability
Push Security's approach to security is not to block online activity and app usage, but to monitor when users make iffy choices with web-based apps.
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Push Security Raises $15M and Launches New Visibility and Employee-Powered Tools to Help Enterprises Scale SaaS Security
Push Security has raised $15M in Series A funding. GV led the funding with participation from Decibel and notable angels
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Push Security nabs $15M to secure companies’ cloud applications
Push Security Ltd., a startup helping companies secure their software-as-a-service applications, has raised a $15 million funding round to support its growth.
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Push Security launches to make SaaS sprawl and shadow IT safer
Push Security provides a platform that enables employees to use whatever SaaS apps they need for their jobs, without compromising basic security principles.
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Push Security Announces $4M Seed Round to Introduce User-Centric Approach to Securing SaaS
Push Security, today announced it completed a $4 million seed round led by Decibel and backed by prominent industry leaders, including Jon Oberheide, co-founder of Duo Security, and Haroon Meer, CEO and founder of Thinkst.
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