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Work happens in the browser. Now security does too.

Push is a browser-based identity security solution.

Detect identity attacks and harden your identity security posture with a single tool that provides proactive (ISPM) and responsive (ITDR) capabilities. Think of Push like EDR but for identities.
Trusted by security teams
Trusted by security teams
Trusted by security teams
4.9 / 5 on G2
5 / 5 on Capterra

Give your blue team the edge with Push's browser agent telemetry

Browser data is the broadest, most contextual source of telemetry for monitoring all your workforce identities, whether they're in your IdP or not.
The Push browser agent performs both passive observation and active interrogation so you can detect identity attack techniques your other telemetry sources can't see.

Key features

Detect identity attack techniques
Stop phishing attacks
Detect session hijacking
Block indicators of compromise
Create custom detection use cases
Set in-browser app banners
Block unapproved apps
Guide users to create secure identities
Equip end-users to fix vulnerabilities
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The Push browser agent protects employees' privacy, deploys easily and offers support to the end-user through in-browser prompts.

Nick Hawkins
Security & Compliance

Integrate Push into your existing tech stack

Push slots into your tech stack so you can generate telemetry from your browsers and get more out of your existing security tools.
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Deployment was super easy through our MDM.

Harpal Deol
Senior IT Manager, Reachdesk

Plug-and-play security for identities

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