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Browser is best for protecting your employees in the cloud

Observe cloud identities being created and used in real time with the Push browser extension.

Other data sources like network traffic, API or email either miss apps you don't already know about or produce large volumes of false-positives.

Using the browser, Push can provide just-in-time guidance to employees, right where they're working, to help them use cloud apps more securely.

What makes Push different from other tools?
Identity Providers (IdP)
Push goes deeper into identities on cloud apps to prevent identity-based attacks

CASBs work at the network layer. They can show you the websites your employees are accessing, and from that, they infer cloud app usage — along with some false positives.

CASBs are most useful to organizations in highly regulated industries that want to lock down their environment and block employees from accessing cloud apps or websites while they’re on the corporate network or using corporate endpoints. However, they are expensive, complex to implement and take a lot of resources to manage.

Push works at an identity and application level. Push discovers all the apps your employees are using, and gives you visibility of the identities they use to access these apps. You can see how securely your employees are using each app and harden identities that are vulnerable to identity-based attacks — the #1 threat. This isn’t possible with a CASB.

Get set up in minutes
First step mobileFirst stepFirst step example

Set up an account on the Push website.

Second stepSecond stepSecond step example

Integrate Push with your MS 365 or Google Workspace. Push will generate the relevant integration link for you or an admin to use.

Third stepThird stepThird step example

Deploy the browser extension. You can either do a mass deployment, or, send a one-click enrolment to individual employees using email or Slack/Teams.

Forth stepForth stepForth step example

Enable ChatOps. Integrate Push with Teams or Slack. Select which topics you want to enable for your employees and security team.

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