Why do I see the message 'Not seen yet' when viewing third-party integration data in the Push admin console?

After you complete an API integration with Push and your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 instance, Push captures data about usage of third-party integrations in your environment. Push checks for data immediately after you complete the API integration, and then once per hour after that.

If Push has not yet observed activity from a third-party integration, you’ll see the message “Not seen yet” in the Last used column on the Third-party integrations page.

Not seen yet integration - KB 10075

Note that activity data may be delayed by up to 2 hours after completing your integration.

If after a few hours, you still do not see a timestamp for third-party integration usage and you know that integrations are being actively used, verify that you have granted the required permissions for the Push API integration to capture usage data.

For Google Workspace, the required scope is admin.reports.audit.readonly.

For Microsoft 365, the required scope is AuditLog.Read.All.

You can view and update permissions for your API integration by going to SaaS > Actions > Integrate platform.

Integrate platform screenshot - KB 10075

Then select the link for Need more control over access permissions.

Access permissions for integrations - KB 10075

When is third-party integration usage recorded?

Usage is recorded when the integration is used. This is often not the same as when the underlying application is used.

For example, if you have granted Google social login scopes to an application, the integration is only used when you click Sign In with Google. Since many apps go on to cache your identity, it is common for these integrations to not be used for weeks or even months after, even if you regularly use the application you’re logging into.

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