How to install the Push browser extension


  1. Log into and go to the “Employees” tab

  2. Locate and select the employees you would like to install the extension

  3. From the "Bulk actions" drop down, select the option to send enrollment links.

  4. Confirm your action in the popup that appears and we will send the links to the relevant employees.

    Generating enrolment link
    How to generate an enrolment link for the Push browser extension

  5. The user receiving this link can click it and follow instructions to install the extension. Note: Make sure you ask the user to open the link using all devices and browsers you want them to install the extension on (the same link can be reused for all devices/browsers)

    Web extension enrolment process
    How to enroll the browser extension

Visibility into SaaS platforms and password security

Once one or more users have installed the extension, you will start seeing new SaaS platforms appear on the Platforms tab over time. The extension reports when logins occur into the most popular SaaS apps. Importantly, it only tracks username/password logins where a company email account is being used. To configure which email addresses should be monitored, go to

Browser support

OperaOperaOpera Software
BraveBraveBrave Software