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How is the Push browser extension activated after a managed deployment?

Note: This article applies only in cases where an administrator is manually assigning licenses to employees in the Push platform. If you use the automatic licensing option, employees are identified and enrolled in Push in one step, and you will not see the "Installed but not enrolled" progress tracker in the admin console.

When you perform a managed deployment to install the Push browser extension in your environment, there can be a lag until browsers are visible in the Push administrative console.

The deployment generally works within minutes to install the browser extension in your environment. You can confirm a successful installation by checking for the presence of the Push extension at chrome://extensions.

However, depending on your browser setup, it may take a little time for the Push extension to identify the user of the browser and complete the browser’s enrollment, thereby activating the extension.

The extension needs to identify the user of the browser in order to complete the enrollment, and it uses the following techniques to do so:

  • Checks if there is a user logged into the browser where the extension is installed.

  • Looks for a valid company email address from an open Gmail or Outlook tab in the browser.

  • Waits for an email login into one of the SaaS apps that Push supports and observes the company email address of the user that way.

If you are using the automatic licensing option, the extension will identify the user of a browser by looking for an email address from an open Gmail or Outlook tab and verify that the address matches your specified company domain in Push.

If it’s been a few days since you deployed the extension and you’re not seeing all the browsers you are expecting, you can ask employees to log into their work email account (Google or Outlook), or log into their browser (Chrome and Edge), as applicable.

Track your progress

You can track the progress of your managed enrollment by checking the Browsers page of the Push admin console. Select "View details" in the panel labeled "Installed but not enrolled" to see which browsers haven't yet identified the browser user in order to complete enrollment and show up in Push. These are labeled Unidentified browser profiles.

Browser extension deployment progress details
Check the "Installed but not enrolled" panel on the Browsers page to track your extension rollout progress.

You can also use this status to identify browser profiles that the Push extension is avoiding enrolling because they're a personal browser profile or are being used by an employee already synced to Push via workspace API integration but without a license. These are labeled Unmonitored browser profiles.

Browser extension deployment progress details - modal
After you select "View details," you can find unidentified or unmonitored browser profiles.