User-centric security for SaaS
Equip employees to use the SaaS apps they want, securely.
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Get set up in minutes.
See all SaaS use in your company
Discover third-party integrations, tools, bots, and other apps
Discover which SaaS apps are in use and who is using them
SaaS discovery
See your employee security
Discover when an employee account has been compromised - get notified directly in Slack or Teams. Find opportunities to improve employee account security while they are using SaaS and use ChatOps to encourage them to self-remediate.
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Push empowers employees to fix security issues without intervention from your team
Push reaches out to employees via ChatOps with the right information at the right time so they can take action
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Slack ChatOps message
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Watch employees improve your overall security
Before you can improve the level of security across all employee SaaS accounts, you need to know what SaaS is being used and how a user is authenticated. Push provides full SaaS visibility, identifies whether employees are using MFA, and then works with them to enable it across all their accounts.
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Get an instant view of the improvements (and risks that still exist) based on employees' security decisions
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Automatically re-engage with employees that haven't taken action (in a friendly, shame-free way!)
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Empower employees to secure the business
Get time back to focus on the million other tasks on your list
Guess you can't ignore that kanban board anymore, sorry.
Get back to being a partner with your employees instead of a blocker and enforcer.

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