How does Push discover SaaS?

How do we discover SaaS?

To discover what SaaS your organization is using, Push uses two methods that detect your employees accessing their SaaS applications. 

  1. API integrations with your work platforms (Google Workspace or Microsoft 365) to detect employees using social logins.

  2. A browser extension installed on your employees’ browsers to detect them using username and passwords. Read this guide to learn more about the browser extension.

To catch both authentication methods you must have both the API integrations and browser extension enabled. It’s very quick and easy, here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Enable the work platform API integration

When you first create an account with Push, you’ll be asked to add a work platform to get started. You can choose between Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. Once you have selected your work platform an integration link will be generated, click on the Connect button and you’ll be taken to an integration page to complete the Push integration. 

For more detailed steps on how to complete an API integration, including what scopes/permissions are required, read this guide.

Work Platform Selection

The API integration will populate the Employees dashboard with the employees that use the work platform you have connected. It will also tell you what SaaS they are accessing using their work platform account for social logins. If your employees use more than one work platform, you should integrate all of them to capture all the SaaS being accessed using social logins.

Selected Users

You can then view all the SaaS applications discovered using social logins on the SaaS dashboard. But remember, these are only the SaaS apps being accessed using social logins, to discover the SaaS apps being accessed by employees using usernames and passwords you need to follow our second step and roll out the Push browser extension. 

Social Login Apps

Step 2: Roll out the browser extension to your employees

Rolling out the browser extension is quick and easy, click here if you want to learn more about the browser extension. On the Employees dashboard, select the employees by clicking on the box to the left of the Employee column, the checkboxes by each employee picture and name will all turn blue with a white checkmark like in the picture below. Then click on the Bulk actions button in the top right corner of the screen and select Send browser enrollment link.

Send Browser Enrolment

All the selected employees will then receive an enrollment link email. 

Browser Enrolment Email

When your employees click on the Secure your browser button, it will open a new tab and they will be instructed to install the Push browser extension.

Browser Enrolment Web Page

They’ll then be taken to the store to add the browser extension …


And then they’ll see this:

Browser Extension Installed

Once employees have installed the browser extension, you’ll see their browsers get added to the Browser column of the Employee dashboard. You’ll also see more SaaS get added to the SaaS column as their username and password logins get detected.

Users with Browser Extension Installed

All detected SaaS is then presented to you on the SaaS dashboard, along with the number of users.

Full SaaS Dashboard