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How does Push determine if an employee is using a password manager?

Push can observe whether someone is manually typing their passwords into password entry fields via the Push browser extension. This is a high-fidelity signal that they are not using a password manager to autofill their passwords.

On the account details pane in the Push admin console, you’ll see a badge icon and a tooltip label of Password manager used if the extension detects that a password was not manually entered.

Password manager used icon on account details pane - KB 10085

If the extension has observed that a password was manually entered, you’ll see a keyboard icon on the account details pane and a tooltip label of Password was manually typed.

Password manually typed - KB 10085

Note: If someone copy and pastes a password into an entry field, the browser extension is not able to distinguish this behavior from the use of a password manager (or any other autofill method), and the Push admin console will also label that usage as Password manager used.