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Detect and respond to identity attacks

Give your blue team the edge with Push’s browser agent telemetry. Enable Push’s out-of-the-box attack detection and blocking controls or integrate Push with your SIEM, XDR and SOAR platforms.

Detect and block sophisticated identity attack techniques
Get rich contextual identity telemetry
Disrupt attacks by executing response actions in the browser
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Stop phishing
Detect and block phishing

Stop employees having their credentials stolen. Instead of relying on known-bad signatures, Push dynamically inspects user behavior and attributes of the web page.

This means that even if you’re the first person to get phished using a new attacker site, Push still detects it and blocks it.

Evilginx and EvilnoVNC
Catch attackers using identity attack toolkits

Detect and block attacker tools like Evilginx (AitM attacks) and EvilNoVNC (BitB phishing).

Session hijacking
Detect session hijacking

Push modifies session log events so you can reliably detect attackers using endpoint malware to steal Okta and Microsoft sessions.

Malicious URL blocked
Block known-bad URLs

Stop employees from interacting with malicious websites. Operationalise your domain and web threat intelligence.

Push telemetry
Pull rich identity telemetry into your SIEM / XDR platform

Enhance your threat monitoring coverage with telemetry of employee actions in the browser, identity (mis)configurations and web application states.

Custom detection use cases
Create custom detection use cases

Correlate Push telemetry with other sources such as IdP and app logs to create high-fidelity detections for new attacker TTPs.

Post-breach investigations
Support post-breach investigations

Contextually enhance post-breach investigations by being able to trace identity activities on applications to determine the scope of the incident.