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How quickly do new SaaS appear in the Push admin console?

Push uses an API integration with your work platform as well as a browser extension deployed to employees to provide full visibility of the SaaS in your environment.

Here’s how quickly you can expect to discover SaaS with these two methods.

After completing an API integration with Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 and assigning employee licenses, you’ll immediately see:

After the initial integration, Push checks once an hour to update this data in the Push admin console.

After enrolling employee browsers using the Push browser extension, you’ll see the following data types as soon as Push observes the login:

For apps where Push supports MFA detection, you’ll see MFA data as soon as an enrolled employee visits the app.

If you are not seeing an app that you expected, verify that it’s supported by Push. If you need any help troubleshooting why an app isn’t showing up, please contact us.

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