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What apps appear in the ‘Other apps’ list in Push?

When the Push browser extension detects employee logins to apps it doesn’t recognize as work apps, you’ll see these “other apps” listed on a modal accessible from the Apps page in the Push admin console.

An app will appear on the Other apps list if Push does not recognize it as a commonly used work app. You can see the list of apps that Push recognizes as popular work apps on our Supported SaaS page.

Note that for apps on the Other apps list, you will be able to see the login method (OIDC login or password login) and when the app was last seen. Click on the app to see which employee was using it.

Managing Other apps

If you want to ignore an app, you can select Hide app.

Hide 'other' app - KB 10100

Hiding apps you don’t wish to see any activity for makes it easier to manage if you have a lot of apps in the “other” category. You can still view hidden apps and their associated activity by adjusting the filter.

Filter 'other' apps - KB 10100

You can request that Push add support for an app by contacting us.