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ChatOps topic guide: SaaS notifications

Get ChatOps security team notifications about changes on your SaaS estate such as new third-party integrations.

What kind of messages are sent?

When the Push platform detects new third-party integrations, you’ll get notifications to your specified Slack or Microsoft Teams channel like this:

ChatOps channel message - delete third-party integration - KB 10083

What do I need to do?

These are not alerts, just notifications of interesting changes. You may want to review the permissions granted to the integration, and if you see something you don’t like, you can delete the integration directly from the chat message.

You can learn more about an integration by clicking the link right in the chat message, or by logging into the Push admin console and going to Explore > Third-party integrations. For each integration, you’ll see which employees have consented, when it was last used, and what permissions have been granted.

You can also delete unwanted integrations directly from the admin console. Select the checkbox next to an integration and go to Bulk actions > Delete integrations.

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