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How do I fix a Google Workspace reintegration failure?

Description of issue

You may get a reintegration failure if you have previously connected your Google Workspace to Push using an API integration and then try again to integrate.


You'll need to remove the existing integration first, and then re-add the integration with Push. Removing the integration requires an administrator role in your Workspace.

1. Go to My Account > Security in Google Workspace.

2. Scroll down to the section of the page labeled Your connections to third-party apps & services. Select See all connections.

Google Workspace: Manage_third_party_access

3. Use the search bar to find the Push Security app and click on it:

Google Workspace: third_party_apps_select_push

4. With the Push Security app expanded, select Delete all connections you have with Push Security.

Google Workspace: third party apps remove Push

You should now be able to successfully re-add the Google Workspace integration with Push.