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Release notes

Product Release: June 2023

Remove problematic third-party integrations, immediately pinpoint security issues, and get Push knowledge on-demand with our new Help Center.

Here's what’s new on the Push platform this month:

  • Remove problematic third-party integrations

  • Immediately pinpoint security issues

  • See who’s using a password manager (or not)

  • Easily license new employees

  • New Help Center launched

Remove problematic third-party integrations

You can now delete third-party integrations directly within the Push platform or via ChatOps.

Find a dormant, unapproved, or otherwise problematic integration? Remove it with a couple clicks because deleting is caring.

Integration delete gif - release notes - June 2023

See how it works

Immediately pinpoint security issues

Identify security findings quickly on the redesigned SaaS page and drill down into the findings with quick filters. Just like on the account security and third-party integrations pages, you can also export the data to CSV or JSON format to take a closer look.

New SaaS page gif - release notes - June 2023

See how it works

See who’s using a password manager — and who’s not

Try a new Push Labs early-access feature to identify employees who are manually typing their passwords, and therefore probably not using a password manager. Go to Settings > Labs in the Push admin console to enable the feature.

Password manager detection gif - release notes - June 2023

See how it works

Easily license new employees

You can now check the First seen column to identify employees who’ve recently joined your synced workspace so you can license them in Push.

First seen gif for licensing - release notes - June 2023

See how it works

Push knowledge on demand

Search our new Help Center to find answers to common configuration and troubleshooting questions, and to find setup instructions and details on key features of the Push platform. You can also find a guide for employees with answers to end-user questions.

Help Center gif - release notes - June 2023

Visit the Help Center

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