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Find and secure shadow identities

When an employee creates an account with a username and password, they create a new identity. Many apps don't support SAML or OIDC SSO. Every new identity is an access point that attackers can breach using credential stuffing, brute forcing and phishing techniques.

Push uncovers shadow identities and automatically secures them against identity-based attacks:

Discover all your employees’ identities in the cloud - including shadow identities
Identify cloud accounts vulnerable to identity-based attacks
Automatically harden accounts to prevent data breaches
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Discover cloud identities in real time
Uncover all your employees’ cloud identities

Push is the only security solution to use both browser and API data to give you the most accurate visibility of cloud identities - including shadow identities

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Encourage employees to use federated identities

Ask employees to use their SSO identities when they create and access their accounts. Use in-browser app banners to prevent new local accounts and shadow identities from being created.

Vulnerable cloud identities
Detect accounts vulnerable to identity-based attacks

Find out which employee identities are vulnerable to attackers using credential stuffing, brute forcing and phishing techniques. Push detects accounts:

  • Using compromised, guessable and weak passwords

  • Not using MFA

  • Being shared by multiple employees

Employees self-harden vulnerable identities
Automatically harden vulnerable identities

Your employees get alerted to account vulnerabilities over Slack or Team, and Push guides them to self-remediate issues.

In-browser guidance
Prevent vulnerable identities being created

Push detects your employees creating new identities and stops them from using compromised, weak or reused passwords by presenting just-in-time guidance in the browser.

Compliant user account
Stay compliant with employee account security requirements

ISO27001, SOC2, HIPAA, PCI DSS and Cyber Essentials all require you to ensure employee accounts use unique user identities, strong and unique passwords and MFA where possible.

Push makes it easy to demonstrate compliance against all these requirements.

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