Missing a SaaS platform?

How does SaaS discovery work?

Push uses two methods to discover the SaaS platforms and applications being used by your organization:

  1. A browser extension to identify employees logging in to SaaS platforms using password logins through their browser.

  2. API integrations to discover employees using social logins to access SaaS platforms either through their browser or a thick client application. 

I can’t see a SaaS platform that I know we use

Firstly, check whether it is a SaaS platform that is currently supported here https://pushsecurity.com/integration/supported. If it is, please reach out to us to help you further.

If it is not currently a supported platform, there are multiple paths to getting it supported:

  1. Contact us to discuss how we can provide support to the platform straight away.

  2. Wait on our usage analytics process to add the platform (24 - 48 hours). 

When someone logs into a SaaS platform that we don't already support using their company email address, anonymised data containing just the login URL of the SaaS platform is sent up to the Push backend. 

The Push team reviews these URLs weekly to find new business SaaS platforms that can be added. Push uses various criteria to decide on which platforms to support, including the platform's popularity and business relevance. 

Once we are satisfied that the SaaS platform meets this criteria, we add it to the set of platforms our browser extension recognises. All installed browser extensions are automatically updated, and all subsequent logins to that SaaS platform are then reported and will show up in the Push dashboard.