ChatOps topics: Browser enrollment

Use ChatOps to message employees with instructions to enroll for the Push Security browser extension.

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What kind of messages are sent?

Push will message employees who don't already have a browser extension registered with registration instructions. Here's an example message they will receive:

ChatOps topic: Browser enrollment - example message
An example ChatOps message an employee would receive if they needed to enroll for the Push browser extension

Registration for a user is super quick. If the browser extension is pre-installed, the user only has to click the link to complete registration. If the browser extension isn't already installed, users will be sent to the relevant download page for their browser to install it, and then the extension will complete registration.

Who will be messaged?

Push will only send ChatOps messages to employees where ChatOps has been activated and they are missing the browser extension. You can activate ChatOps for employees from the Employees page or the ChatOps page of the admin console.

When will they be messaged?

The user will receive enrollment instructions as soon as both the topic is enabled and ChatOps is enabled for them, unless there are higher priority messages outstanding for them, in which case they will receive them in the next few days once the higher priority messages are resolved.

Any other questions?

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