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What is the Push browser extension and what does it do?

The Push browser extension helps you work securely. This extension spots things that could put you or the company at risk and guides you to improve your security. Once installed, the extension sits in the background of your browser and records some activity that allows it to help you:

  • Select strong passwords for your work apps.

  • Identify apps where you are sharing passwords.

  • Start using multi-factor authentication.

This extension is configured to only monitor logins where you are using your work email address. If configured by your administrator, Push can also monitor all logins to work apps, regardless of what email address is used.

If you want to ensure further privacy, you can create a separate work profile in your browser and install the extension there. This allows you to separate your browsing for work and personal use.

The extension will never send your passwords anywhere, and they are not visible to your company.

Learn more about Push in our guide for employees.