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What is the difference between a Labs feature and a beta feature?

Labs features

Push uses the term “Labs” to describe features that we are making available to customers on an early-access basis before we roll them out to everyone.

Labs features have been tested internally, though they may still contain a bug or two. You must opt in to using a Labs feature on the Settings page of the Push admin console.

We’re keen to get your feedback if you use a Labs feature. You can share your experience by contacting

Push Labs screenshot - KB 10078

Beta features

Push uses the term “beta” to describe features that have been tested internally and with early-access customers. You can find beta features by looking for the “Beta” label in the Push admin console.

Beta feature example screenshot - KB 10078

GA features

Once a feature has been thoroughly tested and we’ve incorporated feedback from customers, it reaches generally available or GA status.