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How does Push add support for new SaaS applications?

Push frequently reviews and adds newly identified apps, prioritizing by the platform’s popularity and business relevance.

When we observe a login to an app via the Push browser extension or through an API integration, we capture anonymized data that contains the login URL of the SaaS platform. If it’s one we don’t yet support, we add it to an internal list for review and prioritization.

Check the Supported SaaS page to see which apps Push can currently discover.

Adding support for new SaaS

Adding browser extension support for new SaaS platforms requires releasing a new version of the extension. This can happen as frequently as multiple times a week.

A new release of the Push browser extension requires no action on the user’s part and updates automatically. New releases by Push are usually accepted and published within hours of submitting them to the Chrome, Firefox, and Apple stores.

When we add support for detecting new social logins, we update our API integration code, which requires no action on the user’s part and updates automatically. Once the new detection code is released, Push can begin identifying those social logins within an hour.

If you would like to request support for an app or have questions about this process, contact us.

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