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Do Push administrators consume a license for billing purposes?

No. Administrators do not consume a license for billing purposes unless you also create an employee record for them in Push and assign them a license.

More details about how the Push platform distinguishes between employee and admin accounts:

  • Employee accounts are created either by syncing with your identity provider via API and then assigning licenses, or by deploying the Push browser extension and using the automatic licensing option. See our documentation on how to create employee accounts.

  • Administrators must be invited via email, and can even be individuals outside your organization, such as an external managed service provider. Administrators must also have a licensed employee record in order for Push to observe and secure their usage of cloud accounts. However, admins can receive ChatOps channel messages without having a Push license as long as they’re able to access the security team channel where messages are sent.

Learn more about ChatOps topics for employees and security teams in our documentation.