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Can I restrict which websites Push monitors or temporarily disable the extension?

Yes. You can configure a list of websites you wish to exclude from monitoring by the Push browser extension.

If you’re troubleshooting a potential compatibility issue between a site and the Push extension, you can use this feature to disable monitoring for that site without needing to uninstall the extension. Please report any compatibility issues to the Push team so we can fix them!

Note that this setting affects specific website domains, not employee email domains. Learn more about the purpose of email domain monitoring via the Push browser extension in this help article.

In the Push admin console, go to Settings > Advanced > Browser extension: Exclude these websites.

Then enter the list of websites you wish to exclude from monitoring by the extension. You can use a wildcard * (star / asterisk character) to partially match website domains.

For example, * will catch any subdomains in

Note: URL match patterns do not support the syntax *.example.* You must use the syntax * or * if you wish to have a wildcard for subdomains.

Domain exclusion - Settings page - KB 10088

If you need to temporarily disable monitoring for all websites while troubleshooting an issue, you can enter * (star / asterisk character).