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Can I automatically license new employees in Push?

Yes. You can automatically assign a license to any employee with an address in your specified company email domain(s) if the Push browser extension has been installed through a managed deployment.

This approach also allows you to deploy the browser extension via MDM to specific groups of employees you wish to license in Push.

Note: You can set up automatic licensing without needing to perform an API integration between Push and your identity provider.

In the Push admin console, go to Settings > Licensing and toggle on automatic licensing.

Automatic licensing toggle on Settings - KB 10098

The Push browser extension is able to identify the user of a browser by looking for an email address from an open Google Workspace or Microsoft Outlook browser tab.

Once the browser extension identifies the user of a browser where it's installed, Push will automatically create the employee account in the Push platform and assign a license. The user will then appear in the list on the Employees page.

Note: Push will not assign a license if none is available in your plan. Unlicensed employees will appear in the Unlicensed list linked from the Employees page.

Unlicensed employees link - KB 10098

If you have enabled automatic licensing, new licenses will be automatically assigned to unlicensed employees on a first-come, first-served basis when an installed browser extension identifies the user and completes enrollment in Push.