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Does Push automatically unlicense employees after being deleted from a synced directory?

No, not if the employee still has associated SaaS accounts recorded in Push.

If you remove an employee account on your synced work platform after the employee has been licensed in Push and enrolled in the browser extension, their record will remain visible in the Push platform as long as they have associated SaaS accounts. You will need to manually remove the license for that employee.

If the employee was enrolled and licensed in Push via the automatic licensing option, their record will also remain in Push as long as they have associated accounts, even if they have been removed from your work platform directory.

This allows administrators to offboard non-SSO SaaS accounts or perform an investigation after an incident without losing the user’s SaaS account and activity data.

Note: If an employee’s extension is inactive for 90 days and they have no associated accounts, Push will unlicense them automatically and no longer show their activity data.