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What we’ve been up to with our seed funding: a peek behind the curtain

Yesterday we announced our $4m series seed funding round to level-up the user-centric security movement and secure SaaS at scale. In this post, we explain what Push is all about.

A little over 12-months ago, we announced that we’d soft-launched Push and opened the doors to our platform as part of an early access preview. During the preview, we worked closely with security professionals around the world from organizations of all shapes and sizes. We listened to feedback, to ideas, and we learned how we could hone the product to solve the most meaningful problems in a way that was accessible not just to large enterprises, but to smaller companies too. 

In case you missed it, yesterday we announced Push Security’s official launch, fueled by a $4m seed funding led by @DecibelVC and backed by industry legends Jon Oberheide (@jonoberheide), Ollie Whitehouse (@ollieatnccgroup), Haroon Meer (@haroon), John Viega (@viega), Ian Shaw, and many others

A big thank you to everyone who took part in the preview, to everyone who’s backing us, and to the amazing team at Push for making all of this happen.

Now that we’re loaded up with funding, even more brain-power and a shiny new product release - we’re excited to share what we’ve been building at Push. What’s Push all about anyway?

Push provides a super scalable way to secure SaaS, by equipping employees to join the fight against attackers and improve their own security. We provide them with just-in-time guidance to nudge and help them make good security decisions as they adopt and use SaaS. 

For example, we might encourage them to take actions like enabling MFA, setting strong passwords that haven’t been previously exposed, and removing third-party integrations that have privileged access to their personal data but are no longer being used.

A user-centric approach to security is a ridiculously scalable way to secure SaaS.

This is all part of a wider and quickly emerging industry trend that’s all the rage right now: using a user-centric approach to security. And the big driving force behind this trend is decentralization.

Modern companies are increasingly decentralized. Rather than having a central company network housing a number of work services, employees are working from home, bringing their own device, and signing up freely to the SaaS services they need.

We’ve now reached a tipping point whereby more SaaS platforms are adopted and owned by employees than centrally by IT. In fact, G2 reported that “80% of workers admit to using SaaS applications at work without getting approval from IT.”

This shift has put employees in control of work services and where company data goes. It also gives an attacker an opportunity to quickly check across all popular SaaS services for weak user accounts and compromise company data.

If the company perimeter has now become ever expanding and under the security team's radar, the next logical shift is to focus on the employee and ensure that they are taking the right steps to protect that company data.

As an industry, we’ve barely scratched the surface with what’s possible. Push is here to level up the user-centric movement and we’re excited to see how far we can take it. Read more about our approach here.

Watch this space on @pushsecurity or LinkedIn, with lots of exciting developments to come.

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