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Pushing Push Forward

Today we're launching a bold new identity for Push. Our new identity conveys trust, sophistication, and a bold take on security in a playful and energetic way, better representing our team and product. Take a look behind the scenes at our makeover and what it means for our customers' experience.

Today we're launching a bold new identity for Push, in partnership with early Push investor and design partner Pete Baker.

Our new identity conveys trust, sophistication, and a bold take on security in a playful and energetic way, better representing our team and product. Take a look behind the scenes at our makeover and what it means for our customers' experience.

The logo, color palette, typeface and more have all been given a stylistic evolution, and represent a maturing of our company and our vision for security.

Push logo rebrand

Coming into our own

Push was officially launched only last year, and in that time we've learned loads about our direct users — the security practitioners and leaders — and the employees they support. Push was founded on the idea that employees can (and want to) help secure their companies, if it also means they can use the software tools they need. Pushing security practices down to the employee level, in empathic, scalable, and actionable ways, has always been at the core of our identity.

Being end-user facing requires a user-centric and approachable brand ethos, while being a security company requires a level of trust and sophistication needed for the seriousness of the work.

Defining Push

The term "Push" was never meant to be taken as a prodding of employees to fix their stuff — though we see immense value in providing useful tools for end-users to share that responsibility — but more of the desire to push the never-ending security tasks forward. To get those rocks up those hills. 

At the same time, we've often felt a need for the entire cybersecurity industry to move forward, with a fresh and empathic approach to the practice. With long careers in the industry, we're well aware of the typical approaches to security, and we want to have a positive effect not just for our direct customers, but for the mentality of security everywhere. Less department of “no,” more department of “yes, unless…”. Guiding and equipping companies to adopt and use new SaaS tools securely and confidentially.

> *Our mission has always been to build a surprisingly simple and scalable way to get complete SaaS visibility and insight to manage risks.*

In an industry built on finding problems, we want to lead the way in solving them. Our company is built by frustrated security pros, and we build products that we wish existed, that focus on the fix, rather than just surfacing the problems.

Push rebrand billboards

We value being motivated by solutions - not just finding new problems, being free to innovate - in order to learn and do things differently, and importantly, we are allergic to bullshit. We're industry veterans that vow to avoid the BS of the industry. No ego, clear value props, no greasy sales tactics.

We needed a visual identity that felt as fresh as our approach.

Standing out

When we set out to redesign the brand, the first step was interviewing internal stakeholders and poring over customer feedback to get a better idea of how we were and wanted to be perceived. "Vibrant sophistication" and "boldly clever" came up a number of times. We wanted to be more unique, more contemporary, more direct.

We looked at our competitors in the market and how we fit in. We admit, our previous visual story — while a humble nod to our startup roots — needed some improvements. We've grown as a team and learned a lot about what our customers need from us as a trusted partner. We wanted to have more consistency and clarity of voice to establish trust in our product and team, while also communicating what motivates and drives us.

First impressions

The refresh started with saying so long to the pointy fish, the double arrow, the play button of the original Push logo. A desire for a more modern mark that connected the ideas of helping customers push their "security rocks up the hill," without the literalness of a simple arrow pointing forward.

Where we landed was a boldly abstracted "P" with a domino effect representing the company as the simple push our customers need to get them on their security journey.

Push rebrand descriptions

The two slashes represent the partnership between Push and our customer, working in tandem. The circle represents the security tasks that our customers need to tackle, the new security perimeter they're building, and the industry as a whole being pushed forward. Together these elements created a stylized and ownable "P" (for Push, naturally).

The original muted color palette was fine for a company still trying to define itself in the marketplace. But we've evolved and so has our desire to stand out and bring energy to this industry. We want to celebrate the work we do, with a bright, energetic visual language that is both friendly and adaptable.

Rebrand elements

Our graphic styling is similarly eye-catching. Using geometric shapes to stand out in an industry full of stock photography.

We’re really excited to get to this next step in the evolution of our business, and can’t wait to build upon it. At the core of the refresh, we wanted to communicate a number of things:

- Clarity and consistency

- Bold simplicity

- A vibrant philosophy

I think we’ve done that.

What's Next

Old and new site - rebrand

There is still much to do to fully bring this new identity to life, but at the center of everything we do is a desire to deliver value to our customers and we’ll continue to improve and evolve our product. We want to give a huge thank you to the customers who have stood by our side from the early days and continue this journey with us. We’re stoked to continue building together.

Keep watching this space as we build on this new brand story.

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