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Securing employee-adopted SaaS apps with Push
Co-Founder Jacques Louw.  Watch now

Find and secure shadow SaaS apps

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Easily secure access to the universe of software tools that your business needs to grow

With the visibility and control to handle real security risks
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Discover all the SaaS being used across your business

Get complete and accurate visibility of all the apps your employees are using and integrating with core business platforms.

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Stop SaaS attacks against your employees

Identify and automatically harden employee accounts vulnerable to credential stuffing, brute force and phishing attacks. Get alerted in real-time to suspicious account activities.

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Stay up-to-date on the apps your employees are signing up for

Maintain an up-to-date SaaS inventory. Get notified when employees adopt new apps or connect new integrations and review their risk profiles.

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Help your employees handle their own security risks

Educate employees on SaaS security risks as they encounter them and equip them to implement simple fixes. Shelve the old security awareness slides, give them useful information when it matters.

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Let your security team get back to the deep work

Automate remediation workflows so they scale to meet the needs of your business. Elevate your SaaS security baseline without making more work for your security team.

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