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identity attacks.
Push is a browser-based agent that detects and prevents identity breaches
Trusted by security teams
Trusted by security teams
Trusted by security teams
4.9 / 5 on G2
5 / 5 on Capterra

Identities are the new perimeter

Identity attacks are now the #1 threat

four out of five red triangles
4 out of 5 attacks involve identity and compromised credentials - Crowdstrike.

Attacker TTPs are rapidly evolving

web of login icons
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Scattered Spider //Oktajacking
// Evil twin integrations
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Push does for identity what Crowdstrike did for the endpoint.

Geoff Belknap
CISO and VP, Engineering at LinkedIn | Former Slack, Palantir

Browsers are the new endpoint

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The Push browser agent gives you a seat on the user's side where you can enforce security best practices.

Sebastien Jeanquier
Chief Security Officer at Upvest

How security teams use Push

Detect and block attacks in the browser
Stop corporate password reuse and phishing
Set in-browser security guardrails for employees
Track improvements in overall identity security posture
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We found Push to be more accurate when compared to competitors and the browser agent offered features that others couldn't match.

Jason Waits
CISO at Inductive Automation

Why security teams choose Push

Unique source of telemetry for defending against identity attacks
image of a card
Perfectly positioned to provide security guidance in the right place and right time
Fully customizable so you can create your own detection logic and guardrails
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