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Protect employee accounts not covered by SSO

Only around a third of apps support SAML based SSO. When they do, it's often only for their enterprise pricing tier - the so-called "SSO tax" - making it impractical.

Push makes sure your employees are using strong access controls on their accounts - even shadow identities - when SSO isn't an option.

Identify accounts not covered by your IAM SSO solution
Enforce strong and unique passwords on accounts
Expand MFA and password manager use
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Get more accounts behind federated SSO

Decrease any SSO blindspots by getting your employees to use their federated identities. Use in-browser app banners to guide employees to use their SSO identity when they create and use an account.

Identify employee accounts outside of federated SSO
Identify employee accounts outside of SSO

Push shows you which employee cloud identities - including any shadow identities - aren't covered by your IdP. Using the Push browser extension, we're able to detect local username and password logins.

Encourage strong and unique passwords
Encourage strong and unique passwords

Push checks employees' passwords to make sure they follow your password policy. Automatically prompt employees to change weak, reused or shared passwords.

When an employee creates a new SaaS account, they are guided to set strong, unique passwords.

Detect vulnerable accounts using compromised passwords
Detect vulnerable identities using compromised passwords

Check if employees are using compromised credentials to access their business apps.

Push compares usernames and passwords against a database of compromised credentials likely to be used in credential stuffing attacks. (No we don't see or send your password anywhere).

Enforce MFA on unmanaged accounts
Enforce MFA on unmanaged accounts

Technically validate that employees are following your MFA policy. Push identifies which employees are using MFA and then reaches out to those that aren't to help them enable it.

Boost password manager adoption
Boost password manager adoption

The Push browser extension detects whether a password was manually typed or not, giving a strong indication about whether a password manager is being used.

Employees typing out passwords can be encouraged to use a password manager to maintain good authentication practices.

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