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Stop risky third-party integrations from accessing sensitive data

Third-party integrations help employees get the most out of their SaaS tools. But API integrations using OAuth can be used by attackers to compromise your data.

Push finds suspicious, risk and dormant integrations and removes them to reduce your cloud attack surface.

Real-time inventory of third-party app integrations and their permissions
Instant alerts when employees consent to new integrations
One-click removal of risky and unused integrations
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Get visibility of third-party integrations that can access corporate data

Push uncovers all the third-party apps connected to your Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace tenants.

See which employees use each integration, whether they have user consent or admin consent and what data the apps are permitted to access.

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Identify suspicious, risky and dormant integrations

Review enriched security insights for each integration so you can decide whether they are acceptable.

Use Push to identify the integration that would be most dangerous in a consent phishing attack and remove them from your attack surface.

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Get instant alerts to new third-party integrations

Alerts get sent straight to your IT and security team when an employee connects a new integration with your core work platform.

The alert tells you whether the app is from a verified publisher and what data the third-party will be able to access so you can make a rapid risk-based decision.

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Delete risky integrations in one click

Minimize the risk of consent phishing attacks by removing suspicious and overly permissive integrations.

If you're not happy with the third-party or the data it can access, you can remove the integration with one click, either in the Push platform or using the ChatOps alert.

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Automatically remove dormant integrations

Your cloud attack surface multiplies over time as employees integrate new apps to their existing SaaS environment.

Push enables you to reduce your attack surface and supply chain risk by automatically asking employees to remove integrations they are no longer using.

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