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Boost MFA and password manager adoption

Attackers are targeting vulnerable cloud identities at scale with automated credential stuffing techniques. It's essential for your employees to use strong identity-based access controls to protect their accounts.

Push makes it easier for all your employees to protect their accounts from unauthorized access.

Find accounts not using MFA and prompt users to adopt it
Identify employees who aren't using password managers
Demonstrate enforcement of access controls in compliance audits
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Enforce MFA on employee cloud accounts

Find the cloud accounts where MFA hasn't been enabled on the accounts dashboard.

Push automatically guides employees with ChatOps message to enrol for MFA on their accounts.

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Identify employees not using a password manager

The Push browser extension detects whether a password was manually typed or not, giving a strong indication about whether a password manager is being used.

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Crack down on account sharing

Identify the accounts where credentials are being shared by multiple employees.

Make sure employees are using unique identities, not sharing credentials across insecure channels and enabling MFA where possible.

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Make demonstrating security compliance easier

Compliance standards like SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI DSS and HIPAA all advocate strong identity based access controls such as a solid password policy, unique user identities and the use of MFA.

Push makes it easy to demonstrate how these policies are technically enforced and validated to protect corporate data.

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Get the most out of your security investments

Rolling out password managers across your organization can be a costly investment. You want to know that your employees are using them.

Push shows you which employees are still yet to adopt your password manager so you can help them become users.

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