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Know where your corporate data is and curb cloud data sprawl

Employees are spreading corporate data across thousands of cloud apps. DLP solutions are designed to prevent data leaks, but they miss most actual data exfiltration channels and frustrate employees by blocking legitimate business activities.

Push maps out which third parties have your corporate data and detects whether it's at risk of compromise

Track corporate data across your cloud environment
Classify apps according to the sensitivity of the data they interact with
Avoid data breaches by automatically fixing security issues
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Track which cloud apps have your corporate data

The Push platform gives you accurate visibility of all the third-party apps and integrations that your employees are entrusting with your corporate data.

Find shadow identities and apps that are expanding your cloud attack surface beyond what you already knew about.

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Detect new apps before employees give them (more) corporate data

Most apps now make it really easy for employees to sign up and start using them with corporate data.

Get alerted to new apps and integrations as soon as employees adopt them. Step in at the earliest opportunity to make the vendors can be trusted with your data.

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Classify apps according to data sensitivity

Quickly give an app a sensitivity classification based on the type of data it is going to interact with.

Set an approval status so you can focus on vetting the apps that will store your most sensitive corporate data.

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Make sure your data remains protected on all apps

While it's useful to limit cloud data sprawl, it's just as important to make sure corporate data stays secure wherever it is. Identity-based attacks remain the #1 threat, hardening all cloud accounts is a priority.

Detect account security issues that make your data vulnerable to compromise, and then equip your employees to self-remediate.

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Find out if you're affected by a third-party data breach

When a third-party data breach occurs, you need to quickly determine whether your data is likely to have been compromised as a result.

Quickly identify whether employees have been using a breached vendor, who the internal users were and find out what corporate data was stored on their app.

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