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SaaS Security Solution Evaluation Guide

If you’re looking for a solution to find and secure SaaS, including employee-adopted work apps, you’re probably navigating a sea of SaaS management solution vendor websites to try to determine which products to evaluate. There are SSPMs, CSPMs, CASBs, legacy tools with a few SaaS security features, and modern tools that don’t quite fit into either category, and even within each subcategory, products vary widely on capabilities, coverage, and depth. It’s a daunting task.

Our latest e-book aims to help you hone in on which solutions might be the best to consider for your specific needs, objectives, and environment.

In this book, we’ll help you:

Understand the security risks SaaS introduces (spoiler alert: it’s mostly shadow IT/rogue IT, SaaS sprawl and an expanding attack surface, supply chain, and so on)
Develop and prioritize your SaaS security goals
Determine the needs (and limitations) of your security team and employees
Understand which types of tools and solutions to consider, test, and evaluate
Consider the wider business needs your team needs to support
Get a sense of how (and if) Push can help meet your goals
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