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SaaS sprawl isn't a problem (If you completely change your approach)

If you completely change your approach

Employees using a new work app used to be the final step of the software-onboarding process.

Now it's the first.

SaaS vendors bypass IT and security and hook employees with free apps and trials. This has led to sensitive data on shadow SaaS applications (more on this later) that is accessible via unmanaged cloud accounts (accounts that aren’t protected by SSO or logged into via social login accounts). Attackers exploit this unmonitored attack surface with new takes on old techniques that are going undetected.

Employees self-adopting apps might sound like a security nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be. Security teams need to regain visibility and control over company data and how it’s secured.

In this guide I’ll show security teams::

What’s driving employee app self-adoption and the impact on security teams
Why the go-to solutions of policies and tools that block access to unsanctioned apps don’t work
What new approaches can work and how to apply them
The two aspects to address when securing SaaS and managing risk
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