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The no-jargon guide to solving shadow SaaS

SaaS vendors have changed how software is adopted into a business. Now, the majority of SaaS vendors build their products on a product-led growth model - which simply means they want users (your employees) to self-adopt their apps, start using them (and integrating with your data to do so), and become a useful tool for the employee.

This change has turned the product-adoption process on its head - leaving security and IT teams blind to which apps sensitive company data is flowing into.

How do you make sure your data stays secure in this new software-adoption flow?

In this book, we’ll offer some practical guidance on how to manage supply chain risk without slowing down the business.

We’ll cover how to::

Split SaaS risk into supply chain risk and account compromise risk so you can tackle them in parallel
Tap into the SaaS self adoption process in real time so you can manage supply chain risk without being a blocker
How to prioritize account security controls and prevent the most common SaaS attacks
Better choose a SaaS security product by looking at the data these tools are built on
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