Use ChatOps to automate user MFA registration

Use ChatOps to automate telling your users about your next MFA deployment, minimizing any disruption by ensuring they've registered before you enforce the control.

ChatOps allows you to reach only people yet to register, when they're most likely to take action, with the right information to get them registered. Learn more about our general approach and thinking around ChatOps here.

For this specific task - encouraging users to register for MFA - here's how ChatOps works:

Push will message each user that hasn't yet registered for MFA on the target platform. As you can see from the sample message below, the message includes a direct link to registration instructions for that platform, and the contact details you configure when setting the task up.


We need you to register for MFA on Microsoft 365. All you need to do is go to and follow the instructions. It should take less than 5 minutes. If you have any questions, you can contact

Once done, users are encouraged to feedback if they've completed registration or if they were stuck. If a user selects that they've completed registration, Push will validate that everything looks complete and feedback to the user if something doesn't look right.

If a user doesn't respond or register, Push will message them again the following day with a reminder message. If a user still doesn't respond, the user is marked as unresponsive and Push will no longer message them about this task.