How do I set up the Push API integration and what scopes/permissions are required?

You can integrate Push with Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace via an API integration using OAuth. Integrating with these platforms will:

  1. Import your user directory into the 'employees' tab so you can start to view and manage employee security.

  2. Inspect those platforms for a number of security issues and make those visible to you in the Push platform.

  3. Analyze social login data so you can quickly discover SaaS where employees have used social login to sign up to SaaS apps.

Google and Microsoft social login buttons
Example social login buttons

How do I integrate?

  1. Navigate to the 'SaaS' page and then click 'Integrate platforms'.

    SaaS page - how to integrate a platform

  2. Select the platform you want to integrate from the slide out panel.

  3. If you are an administrator on the platform then click the 'Connect' button and log in to complete the setup process. Otherwise use the 'copy to clipboard' button and send the link to an administrator.

    Integrate a platform slideout

What scopes/permissions are required?

We hate greedy SaaS apps as much as you do. We've gone to the effort not only to request the minimum scopes we possibly can, but also to be transparent about exactly why each scope is required, and even give you control to customize those scopes if needed.

  1. From the 'Integrate a platform' slide out, click the 'access permissions' link to open the permissions manager.

    Link to open 'feature manager'
  2. Here you can see all required scopes. You can click on those scopes to disable them if required. You can see what functionality will be disabled within the Push platform as a result.

    Access manager

  3. By clicking the 'Sample data' tab you can see a sample of the data that will be utlized by the Push platform as a result of granting those scopes.

    Access manager - sample data

If you have any questions or you need help setting up, contact us and the Push team can help.