What's our ChatOps integration?

What is ChatOps?

ChatOps uses chat platforms like Slack or Teams to engage employees directly to solve their security problems, helping you improve cloud security at scale.

The old way

A lot of security improvements either need action from the user (e.g. register for MFA) or context from the user (e.g. did you just do this?).

Traditionally, you might send out a company-wide email if you need a lot of your users to, say, register for MFA. Maybe a week later, you figure out who still hasn’t registered for MFA and you send a follow-up email - except it’s still quite a lot of people so you just send another company-wide email, confusing the people who thought they’d already done it. Another week goes by and still some users haven’t registered, so you have to start pestering people individually - at this point you’ve sunk hours into the mindless task of chasing users.

Why ChatOps is the new coolness

With ChatOps, you can get messages to only the users they relate to, solving the problems you care about, whilst working at the scale of your business AND without lifting a finger. Stop having to spam all your employees and let them focus on their work, and let us work directly with affected users instead. Kick back and see the improvements and progress all inside the Push platform.

In our example above, ChatOps would only send a message to employees who weren’t already registered for MFA. Messages are sent at a time that best suits each user’s working hours, so we maximize the chance of them taking action. We send follow-up messages to employees who haven’t taken action after a few days, giving those who forgot a few extra chances to take action, before the bot will back off entirely to avoid annoying users.

We’ve found this approach of well-timed, conversational, and direct messaging to be much more effective at getting users to take action, while also requiring much less time from you.

Still not sure?

We understand you might be apprehensive about initially letting ChatOps loose on your organization, so we’ve made it so you have easy and full control.

You can control exactly which topics we message employees about in the ChatOps screen:

Activate ChatOps topics
Activate ChatOps topics using the toggle on the ChatOps page

And you can control exactly which employees can receive messages in either the employee table or the ChatOps screen as well:

Activate ChatOps per employee
Activate ChatOps per employee using the toggle in the employees table

For a user to receive a ChatOps message about a topic, both the topic and the user must be active. You may want to initially test ChatOps with just specific teams or even individual employees as you start using Push. This feature lets you have full control to select those folks and slowly onboard the rest of the company, if that’s your preferred strategy.

We’ve supplied a handy topic-specific guide so you can see exactly what kind of message will be sent for each use case.

If you’ve got any other questions, get in touch and we’d be happy to answer them.