Remove unintentionally exposed cloud documents

Modern cloud productivity suites, like Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, make it so easy to share documents it can be easy to lose track. Check now to see which files are shared externally on your platform.

Find exposed cloud documents

Scan your cloud platforms now to see which files are shared externally.

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Unintentionally exposed cloud documents?

With sharing being so easy and useful on cloud platforms, over time it's likely you're sharing far more than you need, or want to be. But understanding what is shared can be a time-consuming process and checking with the owners of each file even more so! Use the Push platform to quickly understand what is shared and stay on top of the problem.

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See which documents are shared externally.

Scan your cloud platform and quickly see which documents are shared externally. Organise by file type, location, user (or any file attribute!) to get the view you need. Download the data for you own usage.

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Solve the problem at scale

Asking each document owner if a file still needs to be shared is time consuming and not sustainable. Automate the solution with ChatOps to get on top of this problem at scale by automatically reaching out to users and unsharing files that no longer need to be public.

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Manage sharing settings

Use the platform to review sharing usage data. Get recommendations for how to configure sharing for your organisation.

Supported platforms:
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Google Workspace
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Microsoft 365

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We're always on the lookout for new SaaS security problems that we can use our automation platform to help our users solve. If you have something in mind, let us know.

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We started Push with a single no-nonsense goal - to help busy security teams get important security controls handled in as little time as possible.

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