Adopt multi-factor authentication

This initiative will help you get MFA set up, rolled out and in use on the platforms and services that are important to you. Of all the security improvements you can make, perhaps none have turned out to be as effective against real-world attacks as MFA.

You probably already know that it’s a good idea to use Multi-Factor Authentication or MFA (you might also know it as 2-Factor Authentication or 2FA). As everyone moves to the cloud, MFA has become one of the most important controls to have in place:

Microsoft reported that more than 99% of organisation account compromise could be stopped by simply using MFA

But, knowing it is a good idea isn’t the hard part. Figuring out what MFA looks like on each platform can be hours or more of research - each one with its own nuance and things you need to plan for.

Your goal should be to enforce MFA, so it is required on all accounts. But first, you need to make sure everyone has registered or else you risk locking people out of their accounts. This can be a real challenge for a few reasons:

Firstly, visibility - finding out who has registered for MFA, and whether they’ve registered with the correct methods can be difficult. Some platforms do well here, with easy-to-digest reports; others provide nothing. Getting a complete view for all platforms you use means you have to painstakingly stitch these reports together yourself.

Secondly, encouraging all users to register can take a while, especially with a larger user base, or one that is geographically dispersed. Some platforms don’t support incremental enforcement of MFA, meaning you need to have everyone registered before turning it on. 

Or maybe, like many other teams, you’re struggling to even get the ball rolling! Perhaps the higher powers at your organisation don’t see or understand the risk and don’t want to carry round those clunky MFA keychain tokens they remember from the past!

Does any of that sound familiar? We can help. Here’s how:

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