Secure OAuth permissions and applications

OAuth apps are used on almost all cloud platforms and when users install them they grant the app owner permanent access to potentially anything they have access to in a way that can be hard to spot.

Discover malicious OAuth apps

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What's a malicious OAuth app?

Cloud platforms like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, or Slack use OAuth to allow users to extend functionality with new apps and services. Malicious OAuth apps are usually installed via consent phishing where an attacker creates an app and entices a user to install it, giving the attacker access to the user's account. Since this attack uses the legitimate OAuth install process, it doesn't have many of the things users have been trained to look for in phishing attacks. Since users need to be logged in already, it also isn't stopped or affected by strong passwords or MFA. Learn more.

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Get a clear picture of your OAuth apps

Connect your cloud platforms to clearly see which apps are installed by which users and what those apps can do.

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Find malicious apps

Data is enriched to show the information you need to determine if the app should be allowed. See publisher information, install base, and what the app can actually do with the scopes specified to make an informed decision.

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Get instant detection and response to stop future attacks

Automatically reach out to users who try to install apps that look suspicious or high risk. Combine ChatOps with the admin consent flow to manage the process efficiently and with minimal effort.

Supported platforms:
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Google Workspace
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Microsoft 365

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