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  • Discover all of the integrations employees have installed within each SaaS platform.

  • Find and remove risky, dangerous, or simply unused integrations.

  • Work with employees to get more context and make the best decisions for the fix.

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SaaS is only part of the problem. You need to know about all integrations within the app

Discovering all the SaaS apps used by employees is a challenge that most organizations are trying to get a handle on. But what about all those extensions, bots, and third-party integrations your employees are giving access to for each of those SaaS platforms? Each can carry as much, or even more risk than the SaaS platform itself because it gives a potentially unknown third-party the ability to act as that user and have access to your data.

Like SaaS usage generally, locking this ecosystem down will only frustrate your users. Instead, we believe you can empower users and give them the freedom to use the integrations that help them work best, while also being secure. Managing this risk manually is an impossible task, though, so we've built the tools and automation to make it easy for both admins and employees.

Full SaaS integration discovery and visibility

Get a clear picture of the SaaS integrations in minutes using the Push platform.

See who’s installed each integration, what access it’s been granted, and other things we think you'll want to know at a glance. We'll tell you if there are integrations that we think need your immediate attention.

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Detect security issues in third-party integrations

Push finds third-party integration risks, including apps that:

  • Have access to sensitive data (files and email)

  • Request dangerous permissions (like, allowing for account takeover)

  • Are rarely used or aren't verified by the SaaS platform (e.g. Microsoft)

  • Appear to be backdoors, and aren't legitimate

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Remediate the risks at scale

Push can reach out to employees using ChatOps to get more context to help make better decisions about remediation.

Not using this app anymore? Let’s just remove access! Does it make sense that this to do list app can send emails on your behalf? Let’s flag this app for review...with ChatOps, you can crowdsource feedback and user input at scale.

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Supported SaaS platforms
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Google Workspace
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Microsoft 365

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