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Find all the unknown SaaS apps employees are using. The Push browser extension gives you full coverage of employee SaaS usage.

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How can I find what SaaS we’re using?

Finding all the SaaS your organization is using forms a critical part of IT asset discovery. There are a few different methods for doing this, from using firewall and proxy logs to buying cloud access security brokers (CASBs) and Shadow IT tools, but they all struggle to provide the breadth and depth of information you need to manage risk. To get visibility into all SaaS usage and relevant business context, you need to collect data from both the browser and the application itself.

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Get full coverage with our browser extension and APIs

Push uses a browser extension to discover password-based SaaS use and API integrations with your Microsoft Azure AD or Google Workspace to discover social login SaaS use. This approach gives you continuous visibility into what SaaS is being used and how securely, no matter how they sign in.

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Identify SaaS security issues

Check if employees are using strong and unique passwords, whether they're using multi-factor authentication and if they are using social login.

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Guide employees to use SaaS securely

Push fixes SaaS security issues directly with employees, so you don’t have to. For instance, if an app hasn't been used for some time, we reach out to its users to see if they still need it. If not, we guide them to remove it and reduce your organization’s overall attack surface. Track SaaS security improvements over time with the Push reporting dashboards.

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Why Push?

We started Push with a single no-nonsense goal - to help busy security teams get important security controls handled in as little time as possible.

Push is different because where most security tools give you a todo list, we take work away. We don’t find problems that we don’t also solve for you.