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Push automatically guides employees to adopt MFA for each of their SaaS platforms
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  • Connect your SaaS platforms to see which employees are using MFA.

  • Use ChatOps (Slack and Teams) to nudge employees to enroll.

  • Get an overhead view of MFA adoption progress within your organization.

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Multi-factor authentication (MFA) for SaaS prevents account compromise

Microsoft reported that more than 99% of account compromise could be stopped by using MFA. Some of the most common attacks start with the compromise of a single employee's password. MFA is an additional login step after an employee enters their username and password to authenticate their identity.

For many SaaS apps and platforms, MFA is handled by sending SMS or text-based security codes or login confirmations to an employee's mobile device. This extra step ensures that an attacker would be blocked from accessing the SaaS app, even if they did manage to get access to a user's login credentials.

However, rolling MFA out for every SaaS app and platform used by employees is time consuming, frustrating for both IT and employees, and can't scale unless the process is automated.

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Seeing MFA adoption at the SaaS level

Before you can improve MFA adoption across all employee SaaS accounts, you need to know what SaaS is being used and how a user is authenticated.

Push provides full SaaS visibility, identifies whether employees are using MFA, and then works with them to enable it across all their accounts.

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Use ChatOps to help roll out MFA

Chasing employees to enroll in MFA manually takes time you could be spending on more important security issues.

Push automatically messages employees that need to be enrolled and guides them through the process so you don't have to.

See MFA adoption for each application and each employee in a single dashboard to track improvements.

MFA ChatOps

Get detailed guidance to help you quickly make decisions

Each MFA deployment method has pros and cons. Avoid hours of research and planning with detailed roll-out guides and built-in safety checks to make sure you've deployed successfully.

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