Adopt multi-factor authentication

Microsoft reported that more than 99% of account compromise could be stopped by using MFA, but rolling it out can be tricky and time consuming. You can use the Push platform to accelerate adoption using automation.

Discover your adoption level

See which of your users are using MFA. Use ChatOps to nudge users to enrol.

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Why is multi-factor authentication important?

Some of the most common attacks companies face, start with the compromise of a single employee’s password. MFA is an additional step when users login in addition to their username and password - most commonly, SMS security codes or login confirmations on smartphones. This means that an attacker stealing a user's credentials alone isn't enough to compromise their account. Learn more.

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See your level of adoption across all of your platforms

Connect the SaaS platforms that your employees use to see who is using MFA and who isn't. Get a breakdown of adoption across teams and departments, aswell as which MFA methods are in use.

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Use ChatOps to nudge and guide your users on your behalf

Chasing your colleagues to get them to enrol is unnecessary and time consuming. Push can automatically message the users that need to be enrolled and guide them through the process so you don't have to.

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Access detailed guidance to help you make decisions quickly

Each MFA deployment method has pros and cons. Cut hours of research and decision making with detailed guides, and built in safety checks to make sure you deploy successfully first time.

Supported platforms:
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We're always on the lookout for new SaaS security problems that we can use our automation platform to help our users solve. If you have something in mind, let us know.

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Why Push?

We started Push with a single no-nonsense goal - to help busy security teams get important security controls handled in as little time as possible.

Push is different because where most security tools give you a todo list, we take work away. We don’t find problems that we don’t also solve for you.